RRSP and RRIF accounts

We offer three types of self-directed RRSP/RRIF accounts with no annual fee* – individual, spousal, and locked-in. While discussing things with your investment advisor fist will help, here is some information to get you started.

You can contribute to your self-directed RRSP by making a deposit at any bank in Canada, by mailing a cheque, or by calling our client service centre to transfer funds from your IAP account to your self-directed RRSP account.

If you have a registered plan with another financial institution and would like to consolidate all your investments with us, please download the transfer forms from this site or call a client service centre and we will send them to you.

Eligible investments

  • Cash – Canadian dollars only
  • Guaranteed Income Certificates (GICs)
  • Shares and debt obligations of Canadian corporations listed on Canadian exchanges, except over-the-counter (CDN) stock
  • Bonds and debentures issued by the Government of Canada, a province, municipality or Crown Corporation
  • Canadian dollar denominated Eurobonds
  • Rights and warrants listed on any Canadian stock exchange that can be used to purchase qualified investments
  • Units of a qualified mutual fund
  • A mortgage or interest in a mortgage secured by real property located in Canada, which must be land with a building, up to a triplex (note: we only permit non-arms-length mortgages)
  • Covered or long equity calls
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Shares listed on a prescribed exchange outside Canada, and units of qualified Canadian mutual funds investing in foreign markets qualify as foreign content.

Commission free mutual funds

1200 Mutual Funds at no commission through the following Fund Companies.  Great ideas to discuss with your advisor at investmentassociate.com Investments

Acuity Funds Ltd
AGF Funds Inc.
AIC Limited
AIM Funds Management Inc.
Altamira Investment Services Inc.
Arrow Hedge Partners Inc.
Beutel Goodman Managed Funds Inc.
BEST Discoveries Fund
BioCapital Management Inc.
Brandes Investment Partners
Blumont Capital Fund (Iperformance Fund Co.)
Caldwell Investment Management Ltd.
Capital Alliance Management Inc. (Ontario Residents Only)
Centrefire Management
CI Mutual Funds
CIBC Securities Inc.
Clarington Funds Inc
Counsel Group of Funds
Crocus Investment Fund
DGC Entertainment Venture Corp
Desjardins Trust Inc. (Maestral)
Dominion Equity Resources
Dynamic Mutual Funds Ltd.
Dynamic Venture Opportunities Fund Ltd
Elliott & Page Ltd.
Ethical Funds Inc.
Excel Funds Management Inc.
Fidelity Investment Canada Ltd.
First Canadian Funds
First Defined Portfolio Management Co.
First Horizon Capital
First Ontario Management Ltd.
First Trust Portfolios
Franklin Templeton Investments
GBC Asset Management Inc.
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc. (SK Residents Only)
Goodwood Inc.
Guardian Group of Funds
Harmony Mutual Funds
Hirsch Asset Management Corp
HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc.
ING Investment Management Inc.
Jones Heward Investment
Lion Funds Management Inc.
Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Marvix Fund Management Inc.
Mawer Investment ManagemenInc.
McLean Budden Ltd.
Meritas Financial Inc.
Middlefield Financial Ltd.
Northwest Mutual Funds Inc.
One Financial
Opus 2 Direct.Com Inc.
Orbit Mutual Funds
Perigee Investment Counsel Inc.
PFM Corporate Financing Consulting Inc.
Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management
RBC Funds Inc.
Retrocom Growth Fund Inc.
R Group of Funds
RN Croft Financial
Sagit Investment Management Limited
Saxon Group of Funds
Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd.
Scotia Securities Inc.
Sentry Select Capital Corp.
Sprott Asset Management Inc.
Standard Life Mutual Funds
Stone & Co. Ltd.
Talvest Funds Management Inc.

Asset Allocation

Research shows that the mix of asset types in your portfolio is a major contributor to investment success. Use our asset allocation tools to determine your ideal asset mix and identify opportunities to rebalance based on your financial objectives.

Your Investor Profile Questionnaire, completed after you open an account, will help you define your investor profile, which you can use to establish the types of investments that may fit your investing needs. you should hold. You can create and save up to five scenarios. The results can be reviewed, edited, printed or deleted at any time.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can help with investment decisions by providing insights into the possible direction of share prices and financial markets. Recent price trends may suggest future price movements and help you make timely buy and sell decisions. You can even set up alerts to notify you when a stock you’re following experiences a ‘technical event.’ Or specify technical criteria to search for stocks or market indices.